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WebRTC and OTT Innovator GENBAND Looks Ahead

August 17, 2016

WebRTC has been steadily evolving and has become a key component of most unified communication and collaboration offerings. But while many industry players were skeptical about RTC and its place in the broader communications realm, some have championed its use since the very beginning, educating partners and customers and carving out a strong use case for the technology.

GENBAND is a WebRTC pioneer, and the company has been heavily focused on demonstrating its benefits in a host of communications solutions as well its strengths for improving customer engagement and the omni-channel customer experience. Patrick Joggerst, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at GENBAND, recently wrote a blog post highlighting the company’s work promoting WebRTC and other technologies.

“Following the launch of our WebRTC solution and GENBAND positioning itself as a thought leader on the topic of Real Time Communications, the market soon followed and today WebRTC is firmly entrenched as an integral part of many communications companies’ offerings and solution sets,” wrote Joggerst.

Over-the-top (OTT) solutions have been another area of interest for GENBAND, and the company acquired fring’s OTT mobile IP

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communications service in 2013 to offer its service provider customers valuable enhanced features to compete with free services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. Interestingly, Facebook scooped up WhatsApp for $19 billion right after GENBAND’s fring purchase, demonstrating the importance of OTT in the broader communications market.

GENBAND’s Kandy cPaaS is a prime example of how the company has integrated its solutions and expertise to help its customers grow and remain competitive. The platform, which includes open APIs to enable customers to develop embedded RTC applications and services, powered more than 15 million users in its first year along with more than 1,500 customer accounts. GENBAND rolled out its Kandy Wrappers offering this year to further help customers digitize their business processes and quickly create valuable new services like dynamic online shopping and secure, two-factor authentication.

The company is now looking at network transformation and network functions virtualization (NFV) to further evolve its offerings and provide additional value to its customers. “We have a number of new initiatives planned for later this year and into next that we’re confident will help cement our leadership position in this space and help our customers reap the benefits of an all-IP virtualize environment through costs and power savings, greater flexibility and the ability to deploy richer services faster and more easily,” wrote Joggerst.

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