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Learn How to Effectively Compete in a Market Dominated by Skype

September 12, 2016

Skype – it’s one of those words that took on its own personality, especially when it became a verb. Like Google, it became part of the online experience and changed the way so many of us stayed connected. When Microsoft decided it wanted to be a bigger player in the unified communication space, it bought Skype and incorporated it into its Office 365 package. Did it produce the best of real-time communications, or are there other options?

In our environment, we accepted the fact that we had to have Skype as part of the Office 365 package. We needed the other capabilities that Microsoft offered. The problem was that Skype for Business wasn’t working properly on all workstations or laptops. Individuals trying to use the platform weren’t able to leverage all of its capabilities and it was making collaboration difficult. Instead of continuing to wait on troubleshooting and temporary patches until long-term solutions were discovered, we decided to overlay this capability with one that could quickly meet our needs.

Sound familiar? It’s not uncommon for companies that rely on collaboration across the miles to find that all-in-one solutions don’t always meet every real-time communications need. It’s never ideal to try and alter the way you stay connected to meet the design of the platform. Instead, platforms should be agile enough to conform to the way we do business. As the latter isn’t always available or interoperable, you have to have options. Thankfully, there are companies out there that understand this challenge and can provide a viable solution.

Kandy Business Solutions is one company focused on providing the solution. The company’s plan is to provide you with the tools and the know-how to get outside of your bundled solution and launch an integrated approach to collaboration. And it’s not just Skype the company can help you work around. If Microsoft, Slack and Cisco are playing a part in your communications, it’s time to have a plan of your own so you’re still in control, driving the margins you need to still be profitable in a crowded market.

In a recent webinar, now available on demand, Kandy Business Solutions explores how you can leverage Kandy Cloud UC (formerly Nuvia) and overlay modern UC services on top of your existing system. By integrating with your current solution, you can meet the demand for real-time communications and provide turn-key UCaaS services with a new generation of UC clients; extend multi-party video and screen share; integrate Skype and Lync in a way that doesn’t deplete your margins; and leverage Google and Salesforce integration.

If you’re ready to differentiate yourself in the market and protect your revenue opportunities, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Check it out in full today. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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