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CoolDoctors Uses GENBAND Kandy as Voice, Video, Texting Conduit

September 26, 2016

A staple of reporting in the communications market, GENBAND has made a name for itself with the Kandy cloud-based service that allows clients to join voice, video, and texting into their mobile and web applications. The latest integration of Kandy will come at the hands of CoolDoctors, which provides applications for telemedicine and ophthalmology.

The basic CoolDoctors app on Android and iOS allows doctors to have meaningful discourse with their patients through HIPAA-approved channels. It means to assist patients with live tests and follow-up that can be performed from any remote location. Both ophthalmologists and optometrists can offer patients tests for conditions such as dry eye, and they can provide post-surgical care of procedures such as laser vision correction. Kandy now makes it possible for doctors to speak to their patients live without compromising the confidentiality necessary in such privileged communication.

Rajesh Ramchandani, the CEO of CoolDoctors, commented on his app’s functionality and his hope that it can save patients money while also providing them with high-quality care.

“Our development team has worked closely with the Kandy team to create a breakthrough solution enabling eye care professionals to provide more convenient, affordable, and effective care to their patients,” Ramchandani said. “Over a fully HIPAA compliant platform, doctors can interact with their patients, seeing them online for triage care for non-urgent eye conditions, dry eye, and post-operative follow-ups.”

Despite the potential offered by telemedicine services, a recent survey showed that 39 percent of its respondents have not heard of that type of care. Furthermore, it found that only a third of respondents had telemedicine as an option from their healthcare providers. There appears also to be confusion about whether or not health plans support telemedicine and whether or not quality care can be gained from remote locations.

Patients noted in the study that they do not always know when it is appropriate to use services such as CoolDoctors. Many others still prefer to see doctors in person. The battle for mainstream adoption of telemedicine is an uphill climb.

Still, the CoolDoctors application appears capable of many basic tasks that patients could find convenient. It does not mean to replace patient-doctor meetings for emergency conditions; nor does it replace actual procedures such as eye surgery. When it comes to follow-up care – which often consists of just a few simple questions that determine how the patient feels and what the quality of their vision is like – office visits make for overkill. The app can act as a natural step between routine conversations and the need for more intensive care. When patients begin to see cost savings and understand the capabilities of mobile app use, they may begin to rush to the side of telemedicine after all.

Edited by Alicia Young

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