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Two Years of Kandy Arrives at GENBAND

October 03, 2016

It's been a sweet two years for GENBAND, whose Kandy offering has delivered a lot of impact to the market by offering a communications platform that allows for a variety of functions to be routed through it. Such sufficient functions, in fact, that GENBAND even has an RV devoted to showing these off, known as the Kandymobile. Now, with Kandy's second anniversary on hand, it's a time to really show what Kandy can do, and for those who aren't already enjoying the sweet life with this communications tool, get a good look at what makes this platform so much different.

With Kandy, users get access to a variety of real-time communications options ranging from voice and video to messaging and collaboration tools, making it an excellent alternative for those engaging in mobile workforce options. Plus, it's also the only communications platform around, at last report, that will let users quickly bring new solutions into the market by serving as a base for other platforms. Everything from consumer-grade over-the-top (OTT) mobility to business solutions can get a boost from Kandy.

Those interested in Kandy can bring it in as a white-label system, or use it as part of a co-branded operation that can be deployed with OpenStack, making it a worthwhile entrant into the network functions virtualization (NFV) field. It can be used as part of GENBAND's own pre-existing cloud, as part of a telecom cloud, or even as a separate cloud infrastructure like that offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Then, for those needing more options, there are also a series of applications programming interfaces (APIs), software development kits (SDKs) and chatbot systems on hand. There's even a specifically-branded slate of options known as Kandy Wrapper apps, which allow businesses to bring in complete Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) functions right away. Just to round it out, there are even applications geared toward the rapidly-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) front.

It's incredible versatility that's kept Kandy going as long as it has, that and top-notch operations. It works well in the field, and it works well at a variety of tasks. That combination of enduring value and multi-faceted operations lets it not only reach a large proportion of users, but also lets it stay in place, as users see no reason to ditch Kandy in current operations. When function and endurance work together, the end result is a valuable package that users turn to time and again.

Kandy's value has already made itself clear in the market; two years as a product has a way of doing that. It's a safe bet that Kandy will be able to carry on for years more thanks to its versatility and value in the field.

Edited by Alicia Young

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