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Fuse to Resell, Install GENBAND Communications Services, Apps

October 11, 2016

Fuse 2 Communications offers U.K. businesses voice software and services such as unified communications and contact centers. It works for the needs of its clients, whether those needs are internal or customer-facing.

Now Fuse will have more options to award its clients. The U.K.-based telecommunications company announced this week that selected GENBAND communications services will be resold and deployed as new Fuse services. Wayne Mills-Kidals, the technical director at Fuse, commented that the selection of GENBAND and its Kandy communications clients was an easy choice. Further, Fuse Director Chris Blagg noted that this choice is the best for his customers.

“Our business is built on delivering top-of-the-line solutions and services to our customers, which makes choosing the right provider critical,” Blagg said. “GENBAND delivers advanced communications solutions and superior customer service, allowing us to focus on our end-users and bring the future of communications to our customers today.”

That future will ride on the success that the Kandy communications services have seen in recent years – services such as the Visual Attendant for Enterprises. This past August, TMC announced that the Visual Attendant had grasped its 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Other projects within the Kandy platform-as-a-service include wrappers for concierge and two-factor authentication that companies can easily place within their own desktop and mobile apps.

GENBAND’s aim with Kandy is to make it easy for businesses to add voice and video services to their existing applications. Fuse will be able to carry that aim in its own adoption of the Kandy platform. This integration of products and communications professionals should make it even easier for Fuse to work with small and large businesses, systems operators, software developers, and other telecommunications companies. GENBAND noted specifically in this partnership announcement the existence and prowess of its session border controllers and its real-time session manager software, which keeps voice-over-IP sessions in check.

Fuse’s attachment to those products will solidify its own suite of tools as matching the strength that GENBAND has already achieved. With awards already arriving for Kandy and GENBAND witnessing its own growth in recent years, there should be no doubt that Fuse has made a good choice in selecting a global partner.

Edited by Alicia Young

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