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Get Your Hack On! Kandy Teams with Collaborizm and myDevices for Event

November 03, 2016

Hackathons have seen a recent surge in popularity. Maybe it’s because they are cool and fun – or maybe it’s because what comes out of them has the potential to change our future. Kandy, the communications platform as a service (PaaS) created by GENBAND, has been one of the leaders at hackathons and showing the world what real time technology can bring. The company even has a state-of-the-art tour bus to support the efforts. Now, the company’s is putting a specific focus on helping developers across the globe ‘invent the future’ by offering a virtual global hackathon.

The company just announced that has teamed with Collaborizm and myDevices for the event which will bring together the company’s real time communications API and developer platform with the myDevices Cayenne IoT Project Builder and will be hosted on Collaborizm's global community, which boasts a growing following of 40,000 engineers and developers.

Contestants will work together to think of a way to reinvent how something is done in the future. They will combine Kandy’s cPaaS, real-time software development platform with hardware for a hybrid telecom/IoT device.

Commenting on the significance of this contest at the current time, Paul Pluschkell, Founder and CEO of Kandy, said, “With so much energy forming around both IoT and RTC, the intersection where machines and people interact is the crossroads of the future. This fully virtual 'pajama hackathon' is an opportunity for developers around the globe to get a head start on the major technological innovations that will help improve our lives.”

During the event, contestants will have a chance to create connected devices and submit them for a possible win in the contest. This will happen in three phases. Phase One will be the “idea pitch” and a list of 20 team finalists will be chosen to move to Phase Ttwo, which will be the coding portion of the contest, and then Phase Three, the judging phase – with a winner being announced on January 24.

Judges will include:

  • Judy Shapiro, CEO, EngageSimply
  • Don DeLoach, CEO, Infobright
  • Indrajit Ghosh, CEO, Atlas Communications
  • Akshay Sharma, Senior Analyst, Gartner Group
  • Thom Jordan, CEO, Ping Mobile
  • Carl Ford, IoT Evolution World Producer and IoT Thought Leader
  • Urvi Bhandari, Brand & Innovation Strategist

Entries will be judged based on how effectively the engineers and developers are able to convey their knowledge of programming, hardware and IoT to aspiring makers-engineers and developers as well as their creativity and outside of the box thinking and the unique ways the offering leverages real time communications with hardware. They must also demonstrate the ways IoT and RTC can be combined in the future.

Details and the full FAQ can be found at:

Edited by Alicia Young

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