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It's All About the Experience: GENBAND Intros GENView Analytics for Service Providers

November 09, 2016

There’s probably nothing more important on the to-do list of service providers today than enhancing network efficiency and improving the customer experience. That’s because with these elements, success is possible.

Doing more than just collecting data is the next intelligent move.

GENBAND is now offering a fully virtualized analytics platform that allows service providers to meet SLAs and improve quality of service using advanced data collection, analysis and reporting.

The GENView Analytics platform offers all the data on available network element faults, performance metrics, packet and Call Data Records (CDR) information produced by GENBAND network and software elements.

“We designed GENView Analytics with the network of the future and our customers’ needs in mind,” said John McCready, Executive Vice President of Products and Corporate Development at GENBAND.

With these advanced real-time monitoring capabilities, service providers can optimize network performance and use predictive root cause analysis and network capacity planning for better overall customer experiences.

 “Whether monitoring for SLA compliance, troubleshooting in real time to improve network traffic or reducing customer support calls, our platform is designed to help our service provider customers improve their bottom line and enhance the customer experience.”

There’s also support for various GENBAND Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) for different Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployment options.

Edited by Alicia Young

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