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GENBAND and TelcoBridges Alliance Improves Global Operation Deployments

November 22, 2016

The ability to scale has now become a key component of how digital services are being delivered. Service providers that are not able to offer the scalability needed to grow on demand will not be able to compete effectively as more organizations now require this capability. The new strategic marketing alliance forged between GENBAND and TelcoBridges was in part designed to address this very issue. With this alliance, both companies can give their customers services that will allow them to deploy existing equipment in a manner that is cost effective while being able to scale through a license activated business model.

According to GENBAND, this arrangement will also benefit small businesses, which in the past were limited access to this type of service because of the price points. And for large organizations, they will have more control over their operations with flexible plans designed to address their capacity needs.

“Our strategic relationship with GENBAND allows us to support customers with the carrier-grade solutions that help them best leverage their existing resources and enjoy the benefits of advanced solutions,” said Richard Gendron, CEO of TelcoBridges.

The combination of GENBAND's C20, Application Server and C3 along with TelcoBridges' TMG800 or TMG 3200 can extend the core network to customer premises, connect smaller remote sites to the core, and provide TDM support to IP applications, allowing for better access and enhanced solutions for GENBAND.

The GENBAND C20 Call Session Controller is an IP and IMS communications convergence platform for voice and multimedia. It uses the company's ATCA or Rack Mount Server platform to provide call and session control, network connectivity, switching, signaling and protocol interworking, core and edge interworking, unified multimedia communications, and applications for wireless, wireline, cable, and enterprise markets.

According to GENBAND, it is the world's most widely-deployed call session controller, and it is a key piece in many of the solutions it provides, including IMS, VoLTE, SIP Trunking, IPX, peering, and Intra-Network Interconnect.

“We partnered with TelcoBridges because our solutions complement each other effectively and deliver real value to our end customers,” said John McCready, GENBAND's EVP, Product and Corporate Development. “Just a year into the strategic relationship we're already seeing some great uptake and look forward to more.”

Although the introduction of the Internet, broadband, and mobile technologies and devices have improved global communications, service provider still face a challenge in delivering true convergence. The partnership between GENBAND and TelcoBridges will address this problem with technologies that connect diverse networks, media types, signaling, protocols, architectures, and devices together to create a seamless experience for users.

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