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GENBAND Pushes NFV, Immersive UE at Perspectives14

June 10, 2014

BG Kumar, chief product officer at GENBAND, took the stage at Perspectives14 today to talk about the importance of NFV and SDN to GENBAND and the fact that there is tremendous growth in these spaces.

According to Kumar, as computer, networking and storage have become commoditized; carriers are able to reduce time to market and CAPEX spending while testing new services in small, targeted ways. From there, they can modify services or even pull them if they aren’t successful.

He says customers are demanding everything as a service - such as UC and voicemail. Kumar notes that GENBAND fully embraces NFV – but not just by virtualizing existing functions. You have to have open API support as well as elastic scalability and orchestration. He says elasticity means the resources not used at the moment are released to be made available to other functions. Orchestration is the automation function which allows automatic scaling, allowing truck-roll free service additions.

Kumar also noted that the company is fully embracing NFV principles and being agnostic to operator cloud type – VMware, etc.

Kumar proudly stated, “The company’s latest SBC offerings have been built using principles of NFV and SDN.”

GENBAND is also investing in immersive user experiences meaning it is context aware, predictive and works on any glass, while allowing customization.

He mentioned real time communications being embedded in the SAP CRM application, allowing the company to be more efficient – increasing take rates of user adoption.

Better UE drives greater adoption, data, usage and then engagement. He said it is a feedback loop – inferring it is self-reinforcing.

He then closed by saying the company has mandated all new products are cloud-ready and white-label cloud-ready - such as fring. The company has over 55 million subscribers in the cloud already and is they’re fully committed to cloud and changing the business model.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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