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Toy Retailer Embraces WebRTC, KANDY to Deliver a Genius Customer Experience

June 12, 2014

Once upon a time there was an awesome toy store with two locations in New Jersey, and no online presence. Its owners, Maria and Jeffrey Singman, wanted to launch a website, but initially had concerns they couldn’t deliver the same high-touch customer service online that they do in store. But this story has a happy ending, because WebRTC and a new GENBAND solution called KANDY came to the rescue.

In August, the retailer, Toy Genius, will go live with a website through which shoppers can communicate in real time with clerks that can tell them about products, answer their questions, and trigger videos showing those products in action. The clerks appear on video to online shoppers, but website visitors who are still in their jammies don’t need to worry, because the clerks can hear but won’t see them.

While talking with online clerks, shoppers can continue browsing the Toy Genius website, and the clerks can see what they’re looking at to engage them in conversations about additional products on which the shoppers have paused.

Not only can the clerks interact with and share information with shoppers, they can put the products customers select into virtual shopping carts and move shoppers to the checkout when the time is right.

The real-time communications features on the website are powered by GENBAND’s SPiDR WebRTC gateway, and the developer who put together the interactive website was able to do so with the help of GENBAND KANDY, a platform-as-a-service being previewed at GENBAND Perspectives14 this week. KANDY allows service providers like the telcos to expose their network resources using APIs, SDKs, and Quick Starts so developers can more easily leverage them to bring real-time communications to their applications.

Jeffrey Singman, who in addition to helping his wife with Toy Genius, is president of Tri-Mil Consulting. His consulting firm created the store’s website, and now plans to patent that real-time communications website experience for other retailers, as well as for other verticals.

Toy Genius also plans to make the real-time communications retail experience available to shoppers and its clerks via mobile devices. Technology from a company called Impiger Mobile is enabling the mobility piece.

Impiger Mobile focuses on enterprise mobility solutions with cloud enablement, explains Jude Ramayya, founder and CEO of the company, which targets the health care and retail verticals primarily.

Ritwik Bose, director of marketing and presales at Impiger Mobile, adds that the Toy Genius mobile app will allow customers to access the Toy Genius online presence and clerks from any mobile device wherever they are, share reviews, and product selections, with friends and family.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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