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Flashphoner Releases Update to Web Call Server 4

January 21, 2015

Flashphoner, a developer of browser-based software that manages voice and video for enterprises, recently announced an update to its flagship program, Web Call Server 4.

Web Call Server takes advantage of WebRTC, the disruptive new technology that allows Web browsers to natively handle voice and video, in order to make essential business communications possible through employees' browsers and therefore possible through almost any device. Department heads can use Web Call Server to project webinars through company websites, employees can keep in touch with one another through browser-to-browser communication, and remote employees can connect with in-office administrators through their mobile phones. Alexey Kim, a developer at Flashphoner, commented in the company news release that the primary enterprises which use Web Call Server are telecommunications companies that pass on the above capabilities to their own customers.

“Our main clients are telecommunication companies willing to provide to their subscribers a modern way of Internet communication including voice or video directly from a browser, without the need for an end user to perform complex adjustments,” Kim said. “The burden of development, designing of the web-interface, integration of the solution into the infrastructure of a client and maintenance lies on web-developers, network engineers, and system administrators. So the last half-year we put a lot of efforts into making WCS4 more straightforward and easy in integration and further maintenance. The result is still to be seen by our main customers - telecommunication companies and their employees. We believe web developers and technical specialists will love Web Call Server.”

Kim's mention of the burden of development and interface design is made easier through the JavaScript and REST APIs that work with Web Call Server. Developers can use those APIs, the Flashphoner says, to create custom Web-based services in a number of languages, including PHP, Rails, ASP, and Java. Developers can build the bare bones of their projects and allow Web Call Server to handle the bulk of voice and video management.

Enhanced interaction with those APIs is not the only development to come with this latest product release. Flashphoner also noted that it has created a base package for smaller enterprises that have no need for industrial-level support. For only $999, businesses can have access to all the features of Web Call Center along with access to Flashphoner online forums for support and community interaction.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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