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Call Centers Get Smarter with WebRTC & Smart Voice

May 20, 2015

GENBAND and VoiceBase announced a partnership this week at Perspectives15 to take the call center and WebRTC to the next level, bridging the ability of WebRTC to deliver real time communications easily and cost-effectively with the power of speech analytics to delivery deeper insights into customer interactions.   

Applied to the call center, WebRTC enables more intimate interactions between agents and customers through voice across any platform from PSTN to smartphone.  Call centers need to be able to take those interactions and apply analytics to them, capturing vital data out of thousands of verbal interactions every hour.

VoiceBase provides a cloud-based voice transcription, search and discovery service, providing automatic transcription, keyword detection and call scoring.  The partnership with GENBAND will allow VoiceBase to work with the Kandy platform-as-a-service (PaaS), enabling developers to integrate VoiceBase’s speech technology with the Kandy’s suite of real-time communications solutions.  Audio, video, mobile and WebRTC calling services will all be able to tap into VoiceBase’s platform.

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The VoiceBase platform starts with a fast, accurate and low-cost voice transcription solution.  Analytics and machine-learning techniques are then applied to identify relevant keywords and phrases, as well as to automatically score or classify calls based upon key parameters.   Calls can be screened and identified for areas such as hot leads, agency performance, customer satisfaction and more. 

 “We recognize the high-value predictive analytics Kandy users can enable through the integration of VoiceBase,” said Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Founder of Kandy. “Our combined solution represents a strong complement to traditional web analytics, creating more effective and automated digital marketing campaigns as an example.”

Kandy developers will be able to access VoiceBase functionality through APIs that automatically transcribe audio and video, extract relevant keywords and topics and enable the instant search and discovery of spoken information.  Already VoiceBase is processing millions of recordings that allow users to search and play the precise parts of a call, webinar, lecture, podcast or video interview.

Smart Voice services are a welcome addition to the Kandy portfolio, in my view.  Already Kandy is being applied to a wide range of applications, including traditional call centers, virtual concierge assistance for shopping, digital medicine, field service, and enterprise collaboration tools. IBM, SAP, Samsung, and Tech Mahindra are among the major announced brands that have embraced Kandy to provide real time communications service within their products and services.  

Further, adding speech analytics tools to Kandy provides developers and call centers a one-stop shop for processing real time communications information collected during the course of the working day in the form of affordable and flexible APIs.  

In a world where the tidal wave is moving from premise-based to cloud-based services, speech analytics are a requirement for large call center applications.  Speech analytics have long been expensive, major capital tools that provide near-real-time insights into call center agent effectiveness along with marketing and competitive intelligence information.  The announced partnership between VoiceBase and GENBAND should help to accelerate the use of WebRTC in call center applications and help to facilitate lower pricing for value-added call center services such as speech analytics. 

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