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Redbooth Makes Collaboration Simpler with Consolidation

July 23, 2015

The Swiss army knife has long been a valued tool for its ability to bring several different tools together in a package that can be slipped into a pocket. Redbooth looks to do much the same thing for collaboration, bringing out a virtual workspace that brings together several valuable collaboration tools in one. This in turn should prove to be an offer that companies looking for a heavier mobile workforce presence will want to look into.

Redbooth represents, according to reports, the first-ever virtual workspace that brings together the all-important conferencing and collaboration tools of chat, voice and video calling. Beyond that, it also includes tools for file sharing, task management and even search functions to help find the most relevant conversations or information as it's needed. All of this is built into a single workspace, which means most every tool for the job is readily on hand.

But Redbooth doesn't just contain some impressive tools, it also works with several other systems to add still more value to the setup, including OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Users get access to a variety of benefits, including the ability to switch from chat session to voice session easily from a variety of different devices, as well as access to a virtual workspace that's geared toward a team setting. A clean, intuitive user interface and a variety of functions—from tracking tasks to bringing in new action items—can all be had.

Upgrades aren't exactly new territory for Redbooth; it wasn't so long ago when the company was adding enterprise-grade chat capabilities to its platform, and ever since, a pattern of regular re-visitation seems to have followed along, adding new capabilities and value as it went. The company recently landed a Cool Vendor designation from Gartner, and has in turn proven its value for companies that wanted to use self-directed teams to bolster productivity.

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One of Redbooth's own users, Joshua Moxon, who serves as marketing director for Prima Coffee, delivered some of the best praise for Redbooth's value, saying “Before Redbooth, we saw way too many tasks fall through the cracks due to email’s inherent shortcomings. Now we can quickly see who is responsible for what and ensure deadlines are being met, the importance of which cannot be overstated in a highly customer service-focused industry such as ours.”

With the mobile workforce becoming increasingly a fact of life, having the necessary tools on hand to help keep everyone focused and accountable is all the more important. No one wants to have a project dependent on that guy who thinks “telecommuting” means “sit at home all day watching television”, and it's tools like these that help keep that guy—and all those like him—focused. 

A focused mobile workforce has plenty of advantages, like the ability to work with different time zones, to respond to issues as such emerge, and to better fit the demands of a daily life that have nothing to do with work into the everyday so as to be less of a distraction. Redbooth looks to do a fine job as the Swiss army knife for the mobile workforce, keeping all the necessary tools needed to make it work to its fullest readily on hand.

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