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August 20, 2015

Health technologies is a market that is growing quickly today as more and more people seek the ability to connect and share data with medical professionals, remotely and in real time. The obvious benefits of reduced in-office visits and costs are clear. As the market heats up however, we’ll also see revenues increase for the home health-tech market.

According to the latest report from Tractica, the market is becoming so attractive, that it’s expected to quadruple in size by 2020. That number will mean growth from $3.4 billion in 2014 to over $13.7 billion in revenues for the home health technologies market by 2020.

The market is being fueled by both consumer interests as well as healthcare industry adoption of solutions to help curb costs and promote better outcomes for patients.

“Healthcare providers are seeing strong results from the use of telehealth and home health monitoring devices, services, and applications,” says principal analyst Charul Vyas. “Many of the application segments within the broader home health technologies market are complementary, and are being combined to enable strong return on investment, in addition to allowing the patient to be a more active participant in their healthcare.”

Real Time Communications play a key role in this space because the technologies make it possible for easy collaboration and sharing to occur. For patients it means getting remote care without having to go to a physical location and for doctors and nurses it means leveraging virtual technologies to deliver improved and more personal levels of care.

The “Home Health Technologies” report also forecasts that these virtual visits will increase in demand and become the largest piece to revenue boost.

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For real-time communication offerings, this means ensuring interactions are smooth and effective. People need to be able to easily connect with their doctors and share information via a virtual environment without having to download separate apps and plug-ins to do so.

GENBAND’s Christopher Vitek highlighted some of the ways WebRTC solutions are being improved upon to better serve the healthcare market in a blog post.

“Interestingly, WebRTC is the only non-proprietary, real-time communications technology that can bridge the gap between human interaction and machine-based biometric analytics,” wrote Vitek. “In the past, mobile communications solutions were wedded to individual service provider and they always came with the restrictions that were imposed by proprietary technology. WebRTC is breaking the mold on this and dramatically reducing the financial barriers to creating integrated solutions that change the way that healthcare services are delivered.”

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