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PubNub Adds Real Time Communications Edge to 32-bit PIC Microcontrollers

August 20, 2015

Real time communications have been a part of operations for quite some time now, and plenty of people—and companies alike—are taking advantage of the new capability these systems represent. But PubNub is doing something just a little different: it's bringing that real time communications edge to a line of 32-bit PIC microcontrollers from Microchip Technologies. This addition will represent a fairly substantial change to the market, and make Internet of Things (IoT) deployments a little simpler.

More specifically, PubNub is bringing in fresh support for the Microchip Technologies line, so that developers working with the MPLAB Harmony software framework will have access to a new breed of bidirectional communication that works in real time. Thus, the combination of PubNub and Microchip Technologies tools will allow for a vastly simpler time setting up IoT operations; everything from operating devices remotely to engaging in data collection from remote sensors will get a little extra boost with PubNub and Microchip's new partnership.

What's more, PubNub has some plans to take this new partnership act on the road; it will be bringing a training workshop to the 2015 MASTERS Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, where it will be offering up information on a variety of topics. Putting PubNub's application programming interface (API) tools to work allows for easy, rapid, two-way communication, even in environments where such would be difficult, like where a firewall is involved. Better still, it makes no distinctions among networks, working equally well with wired or wireless networks. Even mobile networks are fairly handily incorporated into these operations.

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PubNub's CEO, Todd Greene, offered some explanation as to the motive behind bringing such tools in to play, noting that the growth of IoT over the next five to 10 years made tools that could make IoT projects easier to bring together particularly desirable. Reducing the costs and difficulty of connecting those various devices in the field, meanwhile, reduces the time to market, and a reduced time to market was valuable for many reasons.

Greene wasn't the only one offering commentary; Microchip's vice president of the MCU32 division, Rod Drake, offered up some comment as well, saying “With PubNub’s global Data Stream Network, Microchip developers can quickly and easily add real-time communications to their IoT and mobile designs, securely and with the ability to scale in the real world. By integrating their solution into our MPLAB Harmony firmware development platform, PubNub is speeding the IoT design process and helping customers drive innovation in their PIC32-based IoT products.”

The combination of PubNub and Microchip here is a formidable one; with these two working together, the combined effort can make it easier to bring out IoT projects and start taking advantage of the benefits therein more rapidly. That's a welcome development for most firms, who don't have a lot of room, necessarily, to wait for a project to conclude successfully. The technology that can make deployments faster and producing quickly will likely be welcomed into the rotation, so PubNub and Microchip's development will just as likely prove sought after.

PubNub and Microchip are working together to make it faster to take advantage of the capabilities IoT can offer. That's a development that carries value with it, and the duo's effort should prove quite a success in the end. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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