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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Kandy, PubNub, Tractica

August 22, 2015

This week in real time communications world news, we got an eclectic mix of stories all highlighting the many markets #RTC is going to play a key role in going forward. Everything from education to healthcare and call centers.

First the bad news: A feature from columnist Tracey Schelmetic looks at the reasons WebRTC cannot be used as the magic pill for contact center success. Sure it will enable better, more timely and direct communications, but we all know it takes far more than just that piece of the puzzle to guarantee success in the call center business.

If you work in an office, chances are you already have had an opportunity to work from home—whether its logging in after hours to complete some unfinished work, or being able to stay home during a snow storm—telecommuting is on the rise.

A new Poll points at tremendous growth over the last several years. A reported 37 percent of people have said they use telecommuting in 2015 compared to only 9 percent in 1995.

Not sure to connect to work are these new technologies beneficial, but when it comes to things like healthcare, the latest capabilities are even helping us to live longer and healthier.

Another study this week looked at the home healthcare technology space and found its future looks bright.

The report from Tractica found the market will quadruple in size by 2020 to over $13.7 billion in revenues.

“Healthcare providers are seeing strong results from the use of telehealth and home health monitoring devices, services, and applications,” says principal analyst Charul Vyas. “Many of the application segments within the broader home health technologies market are complementary, and are being combined to enable strong return on investment, in addition to allowing the patient to be a more active participant in their healthcare.”

Speaking of healthcare, new apps are being offered daily to help patients monitor their conditions and communicate with doctors. This week RTC World featured an app called “Diabetic Kandy” that was created to help improving the managed and care of those with diabetes.

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The app was a Grand Prize Runner Up in The Kandy Throw Down event and received the Most Addictive Kandy award at the event.

Also this week, PubNub announced that it added RTC to 32-bit PIC Microcontrollers. Bringing together PubNub and Microchip Technologies tools will make it possible to more quickly set up IoT operations and do things like operate devices or get data remotely.

Be sure to also check out a rundown of the pros and cons of major IoT communications protocols posted this week. 

Finally, a report this week highlights the increasing market for digital classrooms. What was interesting in the report was the focus on teachers and the need to develop better digital literacy in order to keep up with current student abilities and be able to translate their knowledge to learning.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest Real Time Communications news as it happens. Until next week …

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