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Gruveo Revamps Embedded WebRTC Interface

October 15, 2015

WebRTC-based video and audio conferencing provider Gruveo has announced the overhaul of its embedded conferencing system and addition of a JavaScript API.

Gruveo is a WebRTC-based conferencing system with a unique twist. Instead of having to install a client, users simply agree on an alphanumeric code and then enter it on the Gruveo website. Users can then hold video or audio conversations within their browsers.

“Gruveo embeds have graduated from closed beta 5 months ago. Over this period, we have accumulated a great deal of feedback and seen the embeds used in a variety of use cases and verticals, from consulting to scientific research to telehealth,” a Gruveo blog post said. “Today, we are acting on your feedback to make the embeds even better.”

Gruveo also allows for embedded conversations. The new interface deemphasizes Gruveo’s branding in favor of a subtle “Powered by Gruveo” link in the bottom right-hand corner. The company has also introduced a semi-transparent control bar that saves screen space, as well as contrasting with the page’s white background.

The chat is hidden, requiring the user to click a control bar button to use it.

All of these features are intended to make Gruveo more attractive to businesses wanting to embed these features in their own websites. The service seems most appropriate for customer service as an easy way to deploy “click-to-call” functionality. Text chats with customer service representatives have become a familiar web experience, and with Gruveo voice and video calls look to follow suit.

Gruveo also announced an upcoming JavaScript API that will allow developers to customize Gruveo even further. With the API, it’s possible to start a call on a given call, end it automatically, get the call duration and customize the user interface. These features will allow businesses to integrate Gruveo calls within their own websites for a more consistent look and feel.

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