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AVST Updates Atom Personal Assistant Solution

October 27, 2015

AVST has had quiet, but eclectic success as a personal assistant provider: their Atom Personal Assistant service may not be that well known, but plenty of consumers – including the Pittsburgh Steelers – have decided that AVST’s flagship product fit their virtual assistant needs. Earlier this week, the company updated that flagship product with some rather important changes to Atom.

This latest release of the solution, CX-E 8.7 has a number of upgrades and new features such as improved assistance features alongside new support for both virtualization and cloud migration. “As business communications move towards being more mobile, multimodal, more personalized, and automated for both contact initiators and recipients, organizations must deal with gracefully migrating their existing premise-based telephony communications with new cloud-based services,” explains Arthur M. Rosenberg, UC Expert for UCStrategies said in a recent statement. “AVST has long provided UC technology support to large, distributed organizations in major vertical markets like government, education, and health care.”

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Atom might not be the most well-known personal assistant on the market, but it certainly brings plenty of features that a user can easily fall in love with. Among the biggest features is that the personal assistant is always running in the background on a mobile device. The application then tracks location, presence and calendar status, and it can also give contextual information to callers.

The personal assistant feature also allows it to deliver voicemail and faxes to any email or mobile device the user specifies. It accomplishes all these goals via voice command, too, making it an easy and intuitive assistant. This is the kind of business tool for someone who maximize the potential of VoIP and video conferencing, and the updates only make it easier to capitalize on existing technologies.

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