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SIP Trunking Challenges Don't Have to Derail Real-Time Communications

July 27, 2016

What are the typical challenges that you encounter when trying to leverage real-time communications in your environment? For some, it’s gaining a clear understanding of needs from the user base. Not all users are completely transparent in what they need or when they need it to be successful, making it difficult for IT to deliver on their expectations.

For others, it’s a lack of understanding as to what options are available with real-time communications. We tend to think of the options we have at our fingertips, as the use of smartphones has certainly changed the way we feel about and expect communications to function. Making these benefits available in the corporate environment, however, is sometimes a bit more of a challenge.

The individuals who tend to be responsible for the implementation of real-time communications may have a separate set of challenges all their own. Even when working with a great third party provider, the individuals responsible for communications tend to be in the IT department because streamlining the data connection with the voice connection delivers considerable value.

Even the most skilled among the IT department tend to run into challenges when implementing SIP trunking to support the use of real-time communications and supporting apps. There are best practices and common pitfalls to learn from, and many of the best outcomes tend to be those launched in an environment leveraging hosted and managed service offerings.

To get to these benefits, it’s not uncommon for the IT team to encounter challenges associated with protocol nuances, PBX incompatibilities, concerns over fraud and security vulnerabilities, the complexities associated with customer and partner portals, troubleshooting obstacles and so much more. Many of these things can lead to delays in deployment, degradation in service quality and poor user experiences.

Fortunately, these qualified professionals don’t have to try and navigate these challenges alone, finding themselves outsmarted by a technology designed to improve outcomes for the organization across the board. To help IT and their corporate leaders achieve the desired success, real-time communications solutions company, GENBAND is offering a free webinar, SIP Trunking: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities on July 27 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Subject matter experts from GENBAND will explore the best practices and challenges associated with SIP trunking, sharing their insights on how service providers can turn these challenges into opportunities. If you’re concerned about the ability to easily integrate SIP trunking in your environment, or you’ve already encountered obstacles, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Register for your spot today.

Edited by Alicia Young

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