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UCC Drives Demand for Real-Time Communications

December 06, 2016

As a global economy, we rely on a variety of resources to accomplish our goals. Whether it’s energy or physical space, the demands for production and operation can be intensive. Fortunately, there are opportunities in real-time communications to streamline the use of resources and even have a positive impact on global warming.

According to one recent article, the positive impact is found in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). In fact, UCC technologies are positioned as key enablers for boosting productivity of businesses throughout all industries. Global Workplace Analytics suggests that in the U.S., roughly 50 percent of the workforce currently holds a job compatible with teleworking, and 20 to 25 percent of the workforce currently teleworks with some level of frequency.

Throughout the global marketplace, estimates put telecommuters close to a billion workers today, with roughly one third working from home part time and 10 percent full time. Workspaces across the globe are being revamped to serve employees who are already working mobile. These trends underscore the technology available today to make it easier to bring teams together, regardless of their physical locations. With real-time communications at the ready, collaboration is easy.

A consistent and productive telework environment relies on access to communication and collaboration tools that work together seamlessly to create a truly unified working environment. This approach works for the brand new company that can make the decisions around collaboration and communication according to technologies available right now. But older companies that have been in business for a while likely have a variety of different telephony platforms, conferencing systems and tools. When a mix of vendors and options are in play, true unification is much more difficult.

That’s why it’s important to embrace cloud technologies, including UCC as part of a proven real-time communications strategy. Enterprises today have a choice in how they drive a truly unified platform, with Skype for Business, WebEx with CCA-SP by Cisco and Microsoft Office 365. Not only can companies leverage a seamless experience, they can also take advantage of the intuitive platforms for employees to be more efficient and productive.

Before launching the right UCC solution, it’s important to pay attention to platform, the medium and the connectivity.  The first two areas of focus tend to be driven by budgets, feature sets, ROI, migration ease, integration and the like. Connectivity to the provider becomes increasingly important to shore up the first two and will play an important role in selecting the right provider. Those that are able to demonstrate the powerful benefits they can deliver in the wake of demands of collaboration in a teleworking world will enjoy the most success. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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