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Kandy Lands Real Time Communications Honors

December 19, 2016

Anyone who's been following GENBAND for any length of time knows that Kandy is one of the biggest names around in real time communications. It's delivered a surfeit of value so far for its user base, and it will likely continue to do so. Recently, Kandy demonstrated that value still further by taking home the award for Best Cloud Provider (Vendor) from Telecom Review at a recent annual event.

For those not already familiar, Kandy is a complete platform as a service (PaaS) in communications that allows companies to quickly and readily add a slate of real time communications services to current apps and similar tools. With voice and video on hand, along with presence tools, messaging systems, and co-browsing options that can be added to both Web and mobile apps, users get access to plenty of tools that can help businesses make that push toward omnichannel operations.

Since Kandy offers a variety of different means to add these systems—software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) are on hand, along with outright applications and Quick Start systems—adding a set of real time communications options to current systems can be much easier and simpler than some might expect.

That's a valuable set of offerings right there, and Kandy is proven even more valuable by the sheer number of awards and honors its taken home so far. This latest one comes from a panel decision of 15 industry veterans, and was chosen out of a pool of 167 potential winners, showing that it's not only delivering value, but value so clear that 15 people could agree it did.

Kandy's founder and CEO, Paul Pluschkell, commented “We're thrilled that Kandy has been recognized for its ability to make communications more human: contextual, embedded, and real-time."Just slightly more than two years old, Kandy has evolved to be more than just a cPaaS – it's an enabler for operators and enterprises seeking to build new revenue streams quickly and simply, with minimal risk. We're looking forward to continued innovation and industry leadership in 2017.”

By serving as a means to quickly and easily bring real time communications—and the attendant value found therein—to just about any currently-existing platform, Kandy has proven an excellent addition to the overall market. With businesses eager to find a quick and simple means to add communications services that customers clearly want access to—part of that growing omnichannel movement—being able to do so with just one PaaS operation has to be welcome.

Kandy is basically helping businesses provide what customers want, and anything that can do that will have plenty of friends in business circles. That's a good chunk of why it's taking home so many awards.

Edited by Alicia Young

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