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  • Gaming Cognitive Computing: How Kids and Teens Are Interacting with IBM Watson
    While the IBM Watson initiative is well underway, and attracting some of the most advanced and creative developers in the world to “power” their applications with Watson’s cognitive capabilities, the coming generations are also playing with Watson – and is some amazing ways! Kids today are interacting with a different kind of dinosaur, thanks to […]
  • SIP Trunks: It's Not Just about Dial Tones Anymore!
    Even without the “sizzle” of creative ways you can increase the value of SIP Trunking, there is a lot of “steak” as the category continues to grow. According to IHS, a leading market research firm, SIP Trunking is an over $8.5 billion opportunity for communication service providers over the next few years, across all geographies. […]
  • Winning in the Age of Digital Innovation: Allowing CSPs to BOLT ON, BUILD UPON & BRING TOGETHER World-Class Communications Services
    Why is the communications platform market so hot right now? Why was Twilio one of only a few successful IPOs this year? Why are companies like Cisco and Vonage acquiring communications platforms?  The answers to these questions are simple. Because Communications Service Providers (CSPs) especially see the value that communications platforms can bring – the […]
  • How the Travel Industry Should Take Advantage of the API Economy to Improve Customer Service
    There is a great deal of chatter within the tech community centered around AI, bots and messaging apps. What personally jumps out at me is the opportunity for travel industry companies to dip their toes into the API world and enable a messaging API for their customer service division. As someone who travels quite a […]
  • Enhancing Customer Interactions on eCommerce Sites
    The way we purchase goods and services has changed drastically over the last decade. The arrival of the digital economy is now virtually unstoppable and we rely on the internet for almost everything, from reading our emails or searching for news, to paying bills and taxes. But it is also having a significant impact on […]
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