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  • The Kandy Hackathon Road Show Continues in Puerto Rico at CANTO's C.O.D.E 2.0 August 1 – 3
    Bangalore, India. Mumbia, India. Ottawa, Canada. Orlando, Florida. These are just a few of the great cities around the world that have hosted Hackathon’s in 2016.  The innovation that we have seen come from these hacks have been nothing short of phenomenal – from advanced home  security to making government projects more accessible to […]
  • The "Webification" of Real Time Communications
    The “webification” of real time communications (RTC) refers to communications being embedded into the Web and made accessible on any screen, which is something we see happening in an increasing number of applications. Embedding RTC into web applications helps deliver a richer and better user experience by making online interactions more human. Developers, including those […]
  • Launching Ottawa's latest: the Kandy center of excellence!
    While presenting to the audience of 250 at the debut of our new Ottawa Cloud Technology Center of Excellence (COE), I had the pleasure of addressing a community of customers, partners, developers and most importantly our employees about the significance of our 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art innovation hub on Palladium Drive. The launch of our […]
  • NFV: A Vital Acronym for the Future of Telecom
    Acronyms are a given in the telecom industry. Some are very important and others tend to come and fade as fast as they were introduced. But one acronym that will play a critical role in the future of our industry is NFV or Network Functions Virtualization.  NFV is designed to help the telecom industry accelerate […]
  • Looking Back on an Action-Packed Six Months!
    I cannot believe that we are already nearly halfway through the year. The first half of 2016 has been an amazing ride for me and my team, to whom I have to give a major shout-out and without whose commitment to excellence our company could not do what we do so successfully. Not only has […]
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