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  • Real Time Communications Week in Review: Education, Mobility, Telecommuting
    For most households across the U.S. this week - it was back to school time. As kids head back into the school year, there have been reports of the increasing benefits new technologies are playing in the classroom. We also continue to hear about t…
  • Moasis Unveils Location-based Advertising Tool
    Moasis has announced a location-based marketing tool for mobile advertising, dubbed Moasis for Advertisers.
  • WebRTC and Cloud RTC: Where Are We Headed?
    Cloud RTC Platforms are cloud services that enable mobile and web developers to integrate communications into their applications with just a few lines of code. Through the use of REST APIs and SDKs Cloud RTC Platforms could enable developers to e…
  • How Mobility is Revolutionizing the Education Sector
    A 2014 survey states that about 76 percent teachers state that mobile devices can enhance learning as they make content more engaging. Over the last few years, mobile learning has steadily gained ground and is set to become a permanent feature in…
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Featured Blog: Internationally Inspired

  • Flying High: Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Aquila and Broadband for Remote Areas
    Beyond inspired this week, following Mark Zuckerburg’s big reveal of Aquila last week. Between 1.1 and 1.8 billion people have no access to the Internet. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook believe that an airplane with a wingspan wider than a 747 – which is lighter than a Prius – can change that dramatically, over the next few years. […]
  • AT&T NYU Blend Business & Academic Creativity To Code The Future of Accessibility
    2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of the ADA – the Americans with Disability Act, the USA’s first comprehensive civil rights law addressing the needs of people with disabilities, prohibiting discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications. AT&T and NYU are marking the anniversary with their Connect Ability developer challenge, and the deadline for […]
  • Gilat and Intelsat — Bringing High Quality Connectivity To Those Who Need It Most, Including Those In Remote Canada
    It’s been an quick but amazing trip to Canada this week, starting out with a memorable Monday at The Peace Ranch in Toronto, which for nearly 25 years, has been providing support through housing and rehabilitative programs for people with serious mental illness, and helping to support the mental health needs of their surrounding communities. […]
  • Orange Brightens Africa's Future With The 2015 Social Venture Prize
    I woke up happy this morning while in Orlando at our Perspectives 15 conference to find the news that Orange Telecom has launched a call for application for the fifth year of the Orange African Social Venture Prize, which aims to reward innovative entrepreneurs who are contributing to development in Africa. The prize will recognize […]
  • Owlet Wearable Brings Parents Peace of Mind
    As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, I find myself thinking of the young mothers in my life that could benefit from the Owlet wearable baby monitor. The Owlet is an infant heart and oxygen monitor that can be worn in a specially designed “smart sock” that syncs with their parents’ smart phone Owlet application. The […]
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Simply Mobile
Mobile service providers worldwide are recognizing that collaborating with partners using APIs can be used to generate new sources of revenue...
Kandy Feature Demo - Concierge
Provide a premium concierge service to your customers with the ability to video chat, share screens, recommend products, and more...
Kandy Feature Demo - Business Assistant
Keep work and home life separate with your own business number you can use for voice, texting, and voicemail...

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