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  • Fring Alliance Leader Revisits Istanbul Event, Explains What's Next
    The fring Alliance Summit took place last week in Istanbul. To learn more about what happened at the summit and what's next for the alliance, we spoke with Roy Timor-Rousso, general manager of the fring Alliance. Here's an excerpt of our exchange.
  • GENBAND's Bhatia Offers Carrier Networks Virtualization Conference Preview
    GENBAND has been a pioneer in helping communications services providers to insert themselves into the over-the-top application value chain, in enabling CSPs to benefit from network functions virtualization, and in building ecosystems so its carrier and other customers a…
  • TokBox Introduces Two-Way Broadcast TV Solution
    The line between television and online services is blurring, in case you haven't noticed. Not only do smart TVs now feature apps and connections to Internet-based content such as YouTube, but broadcasting is slowly moving away from a passive experience and toward one wh…
  • Real Time Communications Hot in 2016
    I expect to see six major real time communications (RTC) trends play out in 2016: Apple & WebRTC ubiquity, authentication, 'collaborteam', value-added services, smarter video and (still more) Internet of Things (IoT). Don't be surprised to see overlap between different …
  • Learn How One University Campus is Now Leveraging WebRTC to Keep Students Safe
    Safety - it's something every mom thinks about, especially when she prepares to send a child off to seek higher education. While the student may be ready for the world, mom isn't ready to turn him or her over to just anyone, yet. It's the reason they practice due dilige…
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  • In the Magical City of Istanbul, a Community of Innovators Gather & the Future Becomes Clearer
    Last week in Istanbul, the fring Alliance was honored to welcome several of the world’s top service providers coming from Asia, Central Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East, Scandinavia and the US. Some were large service providers with hundreds of millions of subscribers, others were up and coming with tens of millions of subscribers, and […]
  • A 911 Service That Finds You: The Ultimate Geospatial App
    If you’ve ever been trapped in a precarious situation – on a empty, dark street corner – in a hallway – a parking garage – or even at home – you know the feeling.  Your heart is racing, your hands are shaking, you are gripped with fear and feeling helpless.  But if you have your […]
  • The WebRTC Data Channel: More Powerful Than We Thought?
    Over the last few years, almost all the emphasis in discussions and development using WebRTC standards has been centered around voice and video. There is a third channel – the data channel – in the WebRTC specification that could end up being the most powerful of all three, particularly when applications converge all three. AT&T’s […]
  • A Respectful Funeral for Toll Free Services: How WebRTC Will Make 800 Numbers Obsolete
    This post comes with a warning: I’m coming to you from the future. The LG Flutter – A Personal Futuristic Favorite How distant a future I’ll let you decide based on what you are seeing out there. But come the year 2020 – I doubt people will be dialing phone numbers to get help when […]
  • Turning up the Volume and Video on Interactive Mobile Advertising: A Visionary View
    One of the coolest interactive ads I’ve come across is one which the Moto X customization offering was brought to life in WIRED magazine. The ad was made possible through printed electronics, or “interactive ink” and created by Touchcode, a subsidiary of T+ink, the global leader in turning “things” into “connected things” with low cost […]
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