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  • The Ultimate Exchange: Creating Boundless Opportunities when Real Time Communications meets the Internet of Things
    With Gartner predicting that the number of connected devices will reach 20.8 billion by 2020, the technology world stands on the verge of one of its biggest waves of disruption. At the core of this revolution lies the concept of the Exchange of Everything, where Real Time Communications (RTC) technology meets the Internet of Things […]
  • Why Context is King
    In a world where everybody and everything can be connected, when machines and humans can interact in an exponential variety of ways, the opportunity to understand behavior better and serve up more useful and entertaining experiences is becoming the real, real time communications game. It was back at the turn of this century that the […]
  • Using Vision and Innovation to Stay a Step Ahead of the Market
    When I joined GENBAND in early 2015 I had firsthand knowledge of the innovation that was taking place at the company and that’s one of the things that made the organization so attractive to me. I’ve known David Walsh, our CEO, for many years and I know that he is fully committed to anticipating our […]
  • WiC: I'm With Them!
    On August 14 I get to participate in one of my favorite events as a professional woman.  The 12th  Women in the Channel  (WiC) Networking and Enrichment Event is taking place from 5 – 8 pm during the Channel Partners Evolution Conference & Expo at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, D.C. […]
  • The Kandy Hackathon Road Show Continues in Puerto Rico at CANTO's C.O.D.E 2.0 August 1 – 3
    Bangalore, India. Mumbia, India. Ottawa, Canada. Orlando, Florida. These are just a few of the great cities around the world that have hosted Hackathon’s in 2016.  The innovation that we have seen come from these hacks have been nothing short of phenomenal – from advanced home  security to making government projects more accessible to […]
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