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  • Yealink IP Phone Portfolio Newest Addition to GENBAND Endpoint Armory
    From its Platform as a Service, Kandy, and WebRTC gateway, to providing unified communications and network transformation, GENBAND is an industry leader in offering real time communications and beyond. Not just because the proper infrastructure needs to be in place, but…
  • GENBAND's Bita Milanian Dishes on Perspectives16
    Getting together with others in the industry to foster innovation and network is as important as ever today. Especially in the tech space, where innovation comes from partnerships and collaboration - the need to talk about new ideas and learn from others in the industry…
  • Interest in IoT Grows
    The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a hot topic ever since it made its way onto the scene. The ability to communicate with and control objects and devices has already been working to transform medical, retail and manufacturing sectors across the globe.
  • Is a Custom App in Your Future?
    The pace of digital transformation is accelerating, and in this world of fast-paced change slow and steady does not win the race. For this reason, it seems logical at first to grab an off-the-shelf app. However, trying to customize it after the fact can take longer and …
  • NetNumber Sponsoring Perspectives16, Will Show TITAN
    Boston-based NetNumber offers signaling control solutions that make it possible for carriers to quickly implement new services across multiple generations of networks - not only simplifying the core network, but also reducing operating costs.
  • Smart Homes, Security & Real-Time Communications
    New technologies take on a special focus when they have the potential to help us achieve what was once impossible. Tools to monitor our heart rates, alert us when we have new incoming communications and allow us to meet with people face to face via video conferences are…
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  • The New Way to Work: In App, In Flow
    Living in New York City you become programmed to optimize your fastest route from one location to another choosing in real time between taking a cab, the subway, or walking. It always takes me by surprise and frustrates me when I travel for business to other cities and that ability to optimize for fastest path […]
  • Driving Innovation & The Dashboard For The Race to The Top
    It’s 2016, and the race to the bottom – the now officially dying “minutes” business – is over and the race to the top is well underway! The fring Alliance has had an incredibly fast-paced, exciting and interesting year as we have brought together into a single community the innovators inside many of the world’s […]
  • GENBAND and HPE: Working Together to Bring the True Benefits of NFV to Life
    Mobile World Congress is always one of the busiest and most exciting shows of the year. You have service providers, vendors and partners from virtually every corner of the world descending on the beautiful city of Barcelona for four days in late February – showing their latest products and services as well as entertaining their […]
  • GENBAND, fring and Kandy: Looking forward to a Sweet Week at #MWC16!
    MWC is probably the largest and most important mobile conference in the industry and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get what is going to be an awesome week under way. We have a great show planned with tons of customer and partner meetings and briefings with media and analysts from all […]
  • MindMe Engages The World To Help Build a Platform That Can Reduce Suicide Rates
    Every 40 seconds a human being takes his or her own life. Every 40 seconds. Suicide hotlines have been effective in helping troubled individuals change course and find new hope and meaning in their lives, but imagine the gravity of this task given the number of suicides as compared to the number of suicide hotlines […]
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