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  • Telco 2.0, ICT and the Exchange of Everything in the Digital Economy
    The business model of Communication Service Providers (CSP), traditionally known as telcos, is under attack on multiple fronts. For decades, the telco business model has been one-sided: telcos provide services to consumers in a completely unidirectional paradigm where they define the offering and consumers can take it or try and find another one-sided competing offer. […]
  • When Toys Become Things on the IoT: Let's Think Ahead to Protect Children
    Our first grandchild is nearly a year old, and already fascinated with not only his toys, but with his Mom’s iPhone and iPad. Imagine how magical the new toys coming onto the market will be when intersecting with applications, including charming robots who can help children learn their ABCs, and online tutors who can interact […]
  • Changing The Emergency Room Experience For Good – Dr. Tina Miranda's Vision Becomes Real
    Earlier today, the Kandy team announced it has been selected by an amazing new company, TeleMedCo into an emergency room platform powered by IBM Watson’s cognitive processing capabilities. The medical doctor behind the vision is Dr. Tina Miranda, who is not only a practicing emergency room physician, but a leader in the anti-aging industry and […]
  • The New Way to Work: In App, In Flow
    Living in New York City you become programmed to optimize your fastest route from one location to another choosing in real time between taking a cab, the subway, or walking. It always takes me by surprise and frustrates me when I travel for business to other cities and that ability to optimize for fastest path […]
  • Driving Innovation & The Dashboard For The Race to The Top
    It’s 2016, and the race to the bottom – the now officially dying “minutes” business – is over and the race to the top is well underway! The fring Alliance has had an incredibly fast-paced, exciting and interesting year as we have brought together into a single community the innovators inside many of the world’s […]
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