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  • NFV: A Vital Acronym for the Future of Telecom
    Acronyms are a given in the telecom industry. Some are very important and others tend to come and fade as fast as they were introduced. But one acronym that will play a critical role in the future of our industry is NFV or Network Functions Virtualization.  NFV is designed to help the telecom industry accelerate […]
  • Looking Back on an Action-Packed Six Months!
    I cannot believe that we are already nearly halfway through the year. The first half of 2016 has been an amazing ride for me and my team, to whom I have to give a major shout-out and without whose commitment to excellence our company could not do what we do so successfully. Not only has […]
  • Kandy Unwrapped
    Developers pride themselves in being able to make magic happen using everything from Open Source with its games engines and web frameworks, to full blown APIs and SDKS. From basic capabilities to rich enablers, whether they are found on GitHub open source or GitHub’s commercial developer domain, or shared in small social circles of developers […]
  • A JITC Certified Solution: GENBAND's Bipartisan Plan for Progressive Communications
    It’s a presidential election year in Washington, D.C., having gone to college there and lived there for a number of years I know this is a special time.  It’s one of those years where you regularly overhear coffee shop conversations that include threats to “move to Canada if candidate X gets elected”.  Personally, when I […]
  • Telco 2.0, ICT and the Exchange of Everything in the Digital Economy
    The business model of Communication Service Providers (CSP), traditionally known as telcos, is under attack on multiple fronts. For decades, the telco business model has been one-sided: telcos provide services to consumers in a completely unidirectional paradigm where they define the offering and consumers can take it or try and find another one-sided competing offer. […]
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