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  • Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts IP Traffic Flood Ahead
    There's plenty of evidence to suggest that the network of the future can handle the demands the future will likely place on it. Some may be concerned on this front, but with all the construction we've seen lately, it's likely that a connection wi…
  • GENBAND Perspectives 15: Polycom Hot on Hosted Voice
    VoIP Handset maker Polycom has no worries and a lot of upside with the growth of hosted voice, while WebRTC doesn't bother the company that much. It's an interesting perspective when mobile continues to grow in prominence and every year is (suppo…
  • NetNumber Tells Its Single-Platform Signaling Story at Perspectives15
    NetNumber was at GENBAND Perspectives15 this month educating attendees on how its TITAN solution can help communications services providers transition from legacy to new generation networks in a cost efficient and manageable way.
  • to Use WebRTC for Online Tutoring, a service that allows students to communicate with each other and with tutors through its mobile app, has announced that it will begin using WebRTC to power communications on its website as well.
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  • Orange Brightens Africa's Future With The 2015 Social Venture Prize
    I woke up happy this morning while in Orlando at our Perspectives 15 conference to find the news that Orange Telecom has launched a call for application for the fifth year of the Orange African Social Venture Prize, which aims to reward innovative entrepreneurs who are contributing to development in Africa. The prize will recognize […]
  • Owlet Wearable Brings Parents Peace of Mind
    As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, I find myself thinking of the young mothers in my life that could benefit from the Owlet wearable baby monitor. The Owlet is an infant heart and oxygen monitor that can be worn in a specially designed “smart sock” that syncs with their parents’ smart phone Owlet application. The […]
  • The Humanitarian Cloud: Innovation Through Real Time Communications
    The World Health Organization estimates that almost 10,000 cases of the Ebola virus disease have been reported since the latest outbreak was first reported in March 2014, resulting in more than 4,800 deaths. Of the biggest challenges facing local governments and aid organizations as they try to contain and manage the virus is the collection […]
  • Women at The Top : Deb Ward Setting The Example for Women In Our Industry, Shining at COMPTEL Plus This Week in Orlando
    I’m in Asia this week, and sorry to be missing one of my favorite annual events in our industry – the COMPTEL Plus gathering. We at GENBAND have team members there as a long-time sponsor of this event, and are particularly excited about the rich agenda as real time communications and the transformation to an […]
  • Recognizing Fifteen Years of Verizon's Helping Reduce Domestic Violence With HopeLine
    One of my favorite quotes comes from Stephen Hawking: “Where there is hope, there is life.” In the case of Verizon’s HopeLine program – which is in its fifteenth year in 2015 – where there is hope – there is also light being shed on one of the darkest topics of our time – domestic […]
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